what is Backlit Signage?

September 13, 2021
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what is Backlit Signage?

Backlit signage is designed to be viewed with a light-weight source behind it. Backlit signage is a great way to increase visibility, stand out from competitive signs & have your message seen, night or day.


Purposes of Backlit Signage?

Backlit signage have many indoor applications like in malls, tradeshows, kiosks, airport displays, shops, and stores. However, how this illuminated signage is made allows them even to have many outdoor applications also. They will be utilized for outdoor building signage, bus stops, MRT stations, and even billboards.


With today’s modern technology, making a backlit sign on many various sorts of material (ie. wood, metal & acrylic) is now possible. Backlit signage is cheaper now, and therefore the end products are far more durable. Consequently, the demand for custom backlit acrylic signage has increased.


LED lighting is additionally a severe component of how backlit signs are made. With LED,backlit signs stand out considerably better than when fluorescent signage was first introduced. This makes backlit signage a simple choice for business owners who want to boost the extent of awareness for his or their companies.


You can use interior and exterior backlit signage can improve your business’s credibility by showing your existing customers 24/7 that you are serious about promoting your business and are willing to form the investment which is necessary to ensure your continued success.


Benefits of How Backlit Signage?


They can be used indoors or outdoors
Applicable for virtually any product promotion
Highly visible in the dark
Easy to read from a distance
Have vibrant colors that attract attention
Used for brief or future displays
Repeatedly promotes your message
Excellent promotional investment


What can you use Backlit Signage for?

Here are ten unique ideas for a way to include backlit signs into your business objectives.

Illuminated Menus
Storefront Signs
Bus Shelters
Parking Signs
Product Publicity
Construction Signs
Directional Signs
Safety Signs
Open/Closed Signs